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Composed by: Daita Ito, Nik Frost, Marti Frederiksen
Produced by: Marti Frederiksen

This is the very first song which combines the musical creativity of Daita, Frost, and producer Marti Frederiksen. It’s a full-throttle punch to the face proving their passion for rock. Check out what they’ve put together and you’ll be ready to rock out to some more!

DAITA、Frost、プロデューサー Marti Frederiksen が音楽性を融合させた最初の一曲で、ロックへの情熱を肌で感じられる作品に仕上がっている。彼らが作り出した音を体感すれば、更に魅了されていく事だろう!

Breaking Arrows’ May show in Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.


Come and join us on,

May 15th (Fri) at 10:30PM at the Viper Room
8852 West Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood / Ticket $10
Phone: (310)-358-1881

Live Ticket Information!!

(Email your name to by noon on 15th, your name will be on our discount list. (It’s $8) Tell them your name at the entrance.)

チケットのご予約はあなたのお名前とチケット枚数を へ、当日の正午12時までにお送り下さい。